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Judging will occur in the month of April.

Judging is very important to this contest. If you are an artist, teach art as a profession, or represent an environmental organization, you are allowed to judge the contest.


Judges will have a few weeks to review a sample of the submitted pieces and will be asked to rank them based on set categories. There will be a short multiple-choice form for each submission.

eco tree.jpg

Please fill out this short form to register for judging.

Thank you for volunteering to judge!

Important clarifications: All teachers judges will judge in a different grade range than their students to prevent any biases. Likewise, parents of students will be asked to do the same.

Each student is judged by 3 judges. Each student is guaranteed to have at least one art teacher and one environmental scientist judge their art. We will then calculate the final score of a student by tallying up their score from all 3 judges. 

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