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Thank you to all of our participants! Each submission was thoughtful and unique, but we could only choose so many to be our finalists and winners. If you enjoyed making art for eARTh, we encourage you to come back next year and submit another wonderful piece.

Elementary School (k-5) First Place

Be A Rainbow And Recycle

"I thought I could make something great out of old things. I used extra recycling that I found when I finished things like milk cartons and the side of Amazon boxes. I glued them all on. I used a rainbow as a symbol to represent how people feel when they do something good for the environment. I did this to show that there are other ways you can recycle (making art out of it)".

Be a Rainbow and Recycle!

By Grace Coppedge

Middle School (6-8) First Place

By Saisha Shukla

Earth in Fifty Years

"My artwork shows how we are currently on the road towards living in a world with permanent global warming consequences. We need to act now to save our planet! Luckily, we are capable of doing that. Over 190 countries have joined the Paris Agreement, an agreement for countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and make Earth’s temperature rise less than 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. If it works, people can prevent the Earth from getting severely impacted by global warming".

High School (9-12) First Place

Ripple In The Galapagos

"Galapagos penguins, like many species around the world, have been subjected to negative impacts from human activity. The impacts shown in my artwork include bycatch, when an animal is unintentionally caught by a fishing net, and plastic pollution, which is all-too-common".

FullSizeRender - Sailty.jpg

By Emily Cheng

Elementary School (k-5) Second Place

8E0687CC-CE22-4E06-A3BD-ABD2E423CF3C - L

By Saharat Sokhamkaew 


"I wanted to make it fun and easy while making it fit into the theme. I made my family save all the plastic caps and bottles so I can make these animals. Turning plastic into toys is really fun to make and they’re also cute for display!"

Middle School (6-8) Second Place

Faded Bits And Pieces

"The central theme that I tried to convey in my art was that the more climate change continues to go unnoticed the more color will dwindle from the world. I used shapes, sizes, and colors to convey this message. For example, the towering black and white mountains in the background in contrast to the vibrant colors of the hills and grass which are closer. This represents that although we aren’t seeing the immediate effects of climate change, over time, these consequences will build up and become more prevalent in our everyday lives". 

3A3A6145-4D36-4728-B7B0-A9E1B0C81D0F - E

By Ezinne Onyemah

High School (9-12) Second Place

transaction - Jai Santoro.jpg

By Jai Santoro 


"My piece 'Transaction' is about the damages caused by fossil fuel usage on the environment. The background of receipts represents the "transaction" of energy and power for the health and lives of natural wildlife. The bold power plants are overlaid with the ghost image of a lily to visualize the sacrifices we make to fuel our daily lives. The vignette adds grime and drama to the image and emphasizes the dark reality behind the mass amount of energy our world uses with little thought of its environmental impact. The flower also stands as a symbol of hope. It's purposely drawn healthy and unharmed by the smoke around it to remind the viewer that not all is lost and there's still time to fight to save our planet and its natural beauty".

High School (9-12) Second Place (tie)

"My work explores the connection between the ecosystem as a multicellular organism composed of a diverse network of life and the injury that has been brought to it by human influences. Deforestation and climate change have all burned holes in the fabric of the ecosystem, suppressing the diversity of life that makes it both functional and beautiful. The piece is made out of cross-sections of tree branches and vines that are invasive species and repurposed branches that were broken by the severe storms or strong winds which have been ripping through our area, devastating many well-established trees. The shades in the wood are all-natural except for the ones that were scorched black with a culinary torch".

Val Ungaro - Valerie Ungaro.jpg

By Valerie Ungaro

Elementary School (k-5) Third Place

B0CE3F52-CD85-4436-8BE8-A097EC7E10B1 - A

By Abby Edelstein

Would You Rather

"The left side shows what our world looks like now. Dirty and full of pollution. The right side shows our world as it could be if we try and stop climate change. I put solar panels on the roof instead of smokestacks, a bike workshop instead of a lumber factory, to show we should not cut down trees, and a bike on the street instead of a car that emits pollutants. The world on the right shows the world I want to live in".

Middle School (6-8) Third Place

"I used recyclable materials to make a person, with a full body of plastic, with limbs of plastic, and with clothing of plastic and cardboard. It is a person fighting for climate change realization because the biggest problem with climate change is the fact that people don't recognize it". 

image0 (4) - Kai Iwasaki.jpeg

By Kai Iwasaki

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