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Thank you to all of our participants! Each submission was thoughtful and unique, but we could only choose so many to be our finalists and winners. If you enjoyed making art for eARTh, we encourage you to come back next year and submit another wonderful piece.

Elementary School (k-5) First Place

Recycling Center

"For my project I decided to make a recycling center to show the reuse of materials in a changing world. On one side I put a conveyor belt going into the plant with materials you can recycle like plastic, paper, metal, etc. On the other side of the factory, I put a conveyer belt going out to show items recycled materials get made into like park benches, metal objects, clothing, and other stuff along those lines. I made the recycling center have greener ways of getting energy like solar panels and a windmill. (I attached a LEGO motor to make the windmill spin.)"

Rosen_Recycling Center_A_22 - Meitiv Rosen.jpg

By Meitiv Rosen

By Maya Fendler

Middle School (6-8) First Place

Our Oceans, Without Life

"The Earth's reefs support human life, and we are destroying them. It's now or never, if we don't fix this crisis now, we won't have a planet left to speak for us."

High School (9-12) First Place


“'Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S.' Paper waste is not a joke. I decided to take this chance to create one of the things I love most in this world while also showing others how any material can be reused to create something beautiful, especially paper!"

Screenshot 2022-06-20 9.58.54 PM.png

By Kiana Nguyen

Elementary School (k-5) Second Place

Swasey_A life with plastic_22 - Julie Swasey.jpg

By Penelope Swasey

A life with plastic

"Our world is dying every day when we use plastic. My piece shows this with a dying flower and grass trapped in plastic."

Middle School (6-8) Second Place

New Life

"Reclaimed and reused objects are arranged to create a tree - a symbol of new life and new beginnings."

Kilgore_NewLife_22 - Lauren Kennedy.jpg

By Rory Kilgore

High School (9-12) Second Place

Screenshot 2022-06-20 10.03.20 PM.png

By Isabella Iannone


"The world has been over run with plastic and I wanted to represent what single use plastic has been harmful to the environment."


"I think it’s important to find new uses for milk cartons, kitchen waste, and garbage and that is what inspired me to make this scene."

Elementary School (k-5) Third Place

Kilgore_Dairyscape_22 - Lauren Kennedy.jpg

By Brynn Kilgore

Middle School (6-8) Third Place

The World Is In Our Hands

BANERJEE_THE WORLD IS IN OUR HANDS_22 - Sireeta Banerjee.jpg

By Sireeta Banerjee

"Hi viewers! When I first thought of the prompt, a clock came to mind because as time passes, changes occur. This sparked the idea for the earth clock where the hand holding the clock symbolizes that we hold the future of the planet in our hands and we need to act quickly to help the planet heal. Moreover, it also symbolizes that almost all the changes being made in this world are a result of our actions. From climate change, to the social rights movements, we are impacting the world in significant ways. Looking at the watch band, there is a shopping bag, a water bottle, a recycling sign, and 3rs . Those symbols and my use of reused materials (Mask ear loops, a paper bag, and magazine clippings) are reminders to be earth-friendly in our actions! Thanks for visiting!"

High School (9-12) Third Place

Peppi the (Plastic) Pangolin

"Peppi is a pangolin made of trash and plastic to raise awareness of pangolins, since they are endangered. She was originally made for a school contest before being entered in the eARTh contest."

Tierney_Peppi the (plastic) pangolin_22 - Penelope Tierney.jpg

By Penelope Tierney

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