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By Saisha Shukla - First Place

Making art for the Earth


Learn about the problem. This is a great resource for inspiration when creating your art. How does recycling work and is it actually effective in solving climate change? What can you do to help? Find out on our learn page.




Featured Artwork:

Featured Artwork

transaction - Jai Santoro.jpg

By Jai Santoro - Second Place

Materials used: Receipts, Wood Panel, Acrylic paint, Graphite, Mod Podge, Inkpad

Recycled Art Contest

Massachusetts eARTh Art Contest

Polluting the Earth with art, not plastic.

Submissions Due: April 30st, 2023

This Year's Theme:

The Power of Upcycling


Each age category will be awarded 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze seed,

and 3 or more honorable mentions depending if pieces pass a certain point threshold (see rubric for how pieces will be scored). 


Category 1: K-5th grade

Category 2: 6-8th grade 

Category 3: 9-12th grade


Gold Seeds win $100 each

Silver Seeds win $50 each

Bronze Seeds win $25 each

Get Inspired

Get inspired with our gallery, exhibiting previous students' pieces. Keep in mind that the art you enter must be completely original.

By Isabella Meehan - Honorable Mention

Materials Used: Magazine clippings,
Styrofoam, Face mask, Twine, Sewing pins, Crayon shavings, Fabric flower from wedding favor, Calendar, Contact lenses, Teabag package, Bubble wrap

660DFECB-038E-4236-816B-B9FCE927BABF - Isabella Meehan.jpeg
_-vEv-mzS66LE9whJ5_oOw.jpg - Vaishnavi Murthy.jpeg

By Vaishnavi Murthy - Honorable Mention

Recycled plastic from spinach boxes, medicine bottles, and shampoo bottles. The old rim of a plastic food container. Toilet paper rolls, cardboard from macaroni box.

  • Submissions must be original.

  • Students must live or attend school in Massachusetts.

  • Students must be K-12.

  • Each contestant may only enter one piece.


Judges will use a rubric to grade each piece. Each category will be scored out of 10 points for a maximum of 40 points. Artwork will be judged on:

  • Expression of theme (Reuse of materials in a changing world)

  • Impact and uniqueness

  • Visual appeal

  • Creative use of materials

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